Wondering where the lions are?

Well Mr. Cochburn they are in the Ngorogoro Crater in Tanzania! This is also where you are more likely to see the very endangered Black Rhino. Throw in the Oldepei (Oldevei) gorge where ancient human remains were found and it’s obvious why Matt and I chose this adventure in Africa. Like the Jordan blog, I thought this would be a better one done in photos. Enjoy!

Travelling in style – driver and our cook!

Oldepei gorge (Oldevei) is where the Leaky’s found the oldest fossilized remains of our ancestors.

Matt is holding a thigh bone and learning how to be an archeologist. Below is a fossilized crocodile tooth….to insignificant to matter…incredible!

The site where Mary Leaky found a rather important skull of a humanoid like creature. Click here to learn more about it! Looks like I got in touch with my inner cave woman!

We camped on the edge of the crater (with 200 of our closest friends!) so we could enter at first light. The crater has a diameter of only 20 km so the wildlife don’t have a lot of room to roam or places to hide = great wildlife viewing!

Whatcha looking at?

These are ill tempered water buffalo…except where is the water?

The babies are brown and get darker stripes when they get older. Can you spot the kids?

Some old male elephants. The families and lone females live on top of the crater because there is more trees to hide in but the males are happy to hang with all the other animals in the crater.

A predators dream! This hyena was on the prowl!

And the stars of the show..the lions! These beauties were hunting a herd of water buffalo that had some minute old babies. In this case the water buffalo won.

They are pretty used to the vehicles and actually use them for shade…this is out our back window. Looks like the male met a meal that fought back!

It was a bit unnerving to see this directly below me..cats can’t jump right?

We did see 2 black rhinos but they were camera shy and didn’t come close enough for a photo. It was a good thing we packed our binos!

Our Tanzania adventure ended in Zanzibar where Freddy Mercury was born. It was hot! But the beer was cold, and the music being played made Matt smile!

It was so hot here we had to take refuge in the shade, but with this as a view who could complain? We lived the Swahili phrase of Polie, Polie (slowly, slowly) for our few days on the island!

Eastern Africa was amazing, and we only skimmed the tip of the attractions! Looking forward to returning – but this time we won’t just drink Kilimanjaro!


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