Cozumel diving!

Day 1 of open water dive cert completed with Deep Blue Diving. I think I kind of like this diving thing. Got to 24 feet, saw some cool looking fish…one even looked right at me! For those of you who know of my fear of fish, you will be happy to know I didn’t panic..not even one bit. I think it may have been the fact I was wearing fins…but I am awfully proud of myself for this. Perhaps I am ready to brave Chilver Lake and the mud puppies again?

Yesterday we rotted on the beach in Playa del Carmen. I do mean was all I could do to get enough energy to put my sandals on to go to the bathroom. Playa is a neat “Hot” little place. A very touristic (is that a verb?) section but only for a few blocks. We did some exploring and both agreed it is the kind of town where you could bask in touristic trappings…massage, hair braids, buckets of beers….or go for a wonder and find the fabled “real Mexico” right next to the Walmart.

We took the ferry to Cozumel last night, and started walking until we found a hotel. We landed at a place (Hotel Papita) filled with lovely people and divers…room comes complete with A/C, mini fridge, and hot water. It is kind of like paradise. It even comes with free coffee!

Tomorrow we do 2 dives off a boat. The “vis” is incredible here…so i suspect diving in the marine park will be incredible. Neither of us can wait. I will post some photos when I have some…I will be sure to get a few Jackie O shots on the boat!

Ciau cito amigos. Buenos noches

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