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Enjoying the sunset
Enjoying the sunset

Hi! It is a pleasure to meet you. A little about us:

Where it all started for us - in a tipi at camp
Where it all started for us – in a tipi at camp

We met many years ago working at a summer camp and realized we both enjoyed many of the same things. Once we finally bit the bullet and hooked up, our lives have been built around jobs and careers that support a healthy work life balance. Because of this we have been fortunate to travel to many continents and countries. We generally explore the wilderness and the off the beaten track kind of places. We also enjoy beaten track tourist adventures because there is usually a reason for it to be “beaten.” 

Although we are both getting a little greyer around the edges and don’t rebound as quickly from an 18 hour overnight bus ride, we still travel like we are 20. Hostels, buses, and cheap and cheerful is our usual style. That said we are not afraid to throw money at an adventure like bunjee jumping, rafting, hot air ballooning or diving. We can clean up if we need to when travelling with friends with higher standards and aren’t out of place in a swanky hotel or restaurant.

Wine brake on our game drive
Wine brake on our game drive
Having entirely to0 much fun!
Having entirely too much fun!

Both of us have made a career out of working with and mentoring youth. We love the enthusiasm, creativity, and sense of adventure in young people. In our opinion, travel and young adults is a marriage made in heaven.  We do whatever we can to support our friends kids, and the young people we meet to experience the big wide world for themselves.

Although we do most of our travel and adventuring together we are two distinct individuals with different interests and skills. Read on to learn a little more about each of us.



A little about Matt:

Beautiful British Columbia
Beautiful British Columbia

Matt was bitten by the travel bug when he worked for Canada World Youth and had the opportunity to live in an orphanage in Uruguay.  He traveled solo throughout South America with an extended stay in Ecuador to learn some Spanish. For a quasi mid life crisis he climbed Mt. Aconcagua in Argentina with a group of friends. Before his international adventures he was not afraid to roam alone – often in the Canadian backcountry on numerous backpacking adventures.

He doesn't take any marathon medal off for a week at least!
He doesn’t take any marathon medal off for a week at least!

Matt is a runner. He has run 8 marathons in France, Greece,  Ireland Mexico, the US, and Canada. For him running is an excuse to eat good food, drink beer and to travel to amazing places with good people.

Matt is also an avid outdoorsman. In a former life he was a guide in Alaska, a cowboy in western Canada, and he and Heather have paddled many rivers together in Northern Canada.

He is also a song bird
He is also a song bird

If you have questions for Matt email him at: Matt@reason2roam.com

A little about Heather

Doing the limbo on a canoe trip
Doing the limbo on a canoe trip

Heather’s wanderlust started early in her life. When she was 16 she convinced her Mother to let her go hiking in Nepal for a month. That’s all it took for her to recognize that the house and it’s mortgage, the car and car payment, and the white picket fence was not for her.

Although it was a number of years after this initial trip when she started international rambling again she explored as much of Canada as she could. Heather has spent time in almost all provinces and territories in Canada. She is excited for the opportunity to travel to Newfoundland & Labrador and PEI. With these 2 provinces stricken off the list she will have been from coast to coast to coast in Canada.

Heather HATES mayo and tuna. Both of these are in this photo
Heather HATES mayo and tuna. Both of these are in this photo

Heather is the brains behind this site. She is responsible for the back end and the look and feel of the site. She understands how the interweb works and ensures that the links are working. She is also the person behind the camera. Heather enjoys learning about different and unique ways to present ideas and the adventures about our travels and is enjoying the creativity this project affords her.

Heather Paddling in Alaska
Heather Paddling in Alaska

Heather is happiest in the natural environment in a canoe, on top of a bike or hiking.  In a former life she worked in a treatment program for incarcerated youth in Georgia and as a guide in Alaska and northern Canada. Currently Heather trains young people as a Master Trainer in High Five  and is in a senior leadership role in the Recreation field.


If you have questions for Heather email her at: Heather@reason2roam.com

We both hope you enjoy what you find here. Please, feel free to contact either or both of us with any questions or comments you may have.

Cheers, and travel safe.

Matt and Heather



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