35 Life Lessons from the Road

Some lessons travel teaches us are true life lessons like how to treat people, and what to expect of strangers. Other lessons are more travel specific.  This post shares 35 lessons we learned while travelling for a year. We hope you can learn from us so you don’t find yourself without toilet paper after a spicy meal in a dorm. Enjoy.

  1.  50 shades of grey does not go well with dorms and travellers diarrhea
  2.  Just because I wouldn’t do it at home doesn’t mean I shouldn’t (like riding a motorcycle)
  3.  Age is just a number..I can be immature no matter how old I am (the day after just seems to be getting harder and harder)
  4.  Always count the number of underwear you send for laundry and how many you get back…it sucks when they don’t equal
  5.  Never, ever pLearning our lessonsass up a good shower (one with pressure and hot water)
  6.  I can pee anywhere at anytime
  7.  Always have an emergency stash of toilet paper (see point 6 above)
  8.  White men have a lot of body hair. Red body hair is even more intriguing in places like Africa and SE Asia
  9.  Take the time to actually care about the answer to the question “How are you?”
  10.  Too much Yalla Yalla or Pollie Pollie is not a good thing…but not enough of either can be a bad thing too (Yalla Yalla is Arabic for hurry, hurry; Pollie, Pollie is Swahili for slowly slowly)
  11.  Thank you goes a long way…whatever language you say it in
  12.  A pork knuckle is not actually a knuckle…we still don’t know what it is…but it is definitely NOT a knuckle.
  13.  A relationship is made stronger when you do things together
  14.  It’s ok to do different things than your travelling partner wants to do
  15.  The pyramids were built by volunteers not slaves; and other myths.
  16.  I like tourist traps…and that is OK
  17.  Nothing is ever how you see it in the movies
  18.  I can sit for 18 hours on an uncomfortable cramped chicken bus. I won’t like it, but I can do it.
  19.  Yup…really spicy food doesn’t agree with me! (See point #1)
  20.  War is dumb when it happens..and even more stupid when it is still killing people 40 years after it’s over.
  21.  I don’t need that much stuff..except more pairs of underwear (see point #4)
  22.  I can still dream about what I want to be when I grow up. On this trip I have been a countess, a lion tamer, a dancer, a superhero, and the “WOman” no one really reads those hotel check in books do they?
  23.  Hello is the same in any language…especially when it starts with a smile
  24.  Reading airplane magazines is expensive…and I am not talking about the sky mall ones
  25.  Small children are cute..except when they have a harmonica on a 2 day train trip
  26.  Natural gas is too dangerous to bury pipelines under ground. Natural gas is too dangerous to build pipelines above ground….hmmm?
  27.  Never ever pass up an English movie in a theatre…this can get expensive in places like Australia
  28.  Don’t ride Splash mountain with a full bladder, because it really hurts on the final plunge (fortunately a wise 14 year old shared this with us so we didn’t have to experience it ourselves)
  29.  A fox 40 whistle sounds a lot like a baby caribou…and this is enticing to a full grown male Grizzly Bear
  30.  The world is not a dangerous place, and most people you meet actually want to help you not hurt you.
  31.  Brushing your teeth with tap water is a luxury and shouldn’t be taken for granted
  32.  On a plane ALWAYS accept the water that is offered to you-this is especially true for long distance jet lag inducing flights
  33.  When they say: “take some sea sickness medication before you get on the boat” they probably mean it!
  34.  We are very lucky to have wonderful people in our lives.
  35.  Adventure is anywhere you look for it and doesn’t stop when the plane touches down at home
Post Author
Heather is 0.5 of the brains and energy behind this site. She loves to travel and has experienced wanderlust for most of her adult life. When not gallivanting around the globe she can be found in a canoe or on her bike.


  1. posted by
    Apr 28, 2013 Reply

    Welcome home my friend! I’ve enjoyed your blog immensely! Love ya, Jen

  2. posted by
    Keely & Brayden
    Apr 28, 2013 Reply

    Will tomorrow bit a bit of a shocker my friend? Good thing there is only one critical hour 🙂

  3. posted by
    Apr 28, 2013 Reply

    I like #25. Just be happy it wasn’t a tuba and the kid was beside you with the farts.

  4. posted by
    Jan 18, 2016 Reply

    You are never ever too old to climb a tree, you never know what you might see and learn about yourself!!

    • posted by
      Jan 19, 2016 Reply

      It’s true. You are capable of many things my friend.

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